BG Consumer Units

BG Amendment 3 Metal Consumer Unit The purpose of the new regulations is to reduce the risk and limit the spread of fire from consumer units due to faulty components or poorly installed components. The new range of BG ‘all metal’ consumer units and enclosures meet this requirement. Domestic (household) premises include houses, bungalows, flats, apartments, student lets, sheltered accommodation, static homes, home offices, and attached garages etc. Other types of property that are classed as commercial, and you may wish to consider using all metal consumer units for are :- Nursing Homes, guest Houses, bed and breakfast houses and hostels, etc. BG ‘all metal’ consumer units, consist of a metal base, cover and visor and are manufactured from steel – a non-combustible material. Regulation 421.1.201 requires all designs for new installations from July 1st 2015 to be to the new standard, between July 1st and end of December 2105 installation of ‘all metal’ consumer units is optional unless designed after July 1st, from Jan 1st 2016 ‘all metal’ consumer units must be installed in domestic premises unless designed before July 1st 2015, in which case choice of metal or plastic is optional.