Farho Electric Radiators

Farho central heating

Electric central heating should be considered for saving money, safety, control, longlife, performance and ease of installation. With focus on renewable energy sources and declining fossil fuels such as gas. Its fair to predict electrical energy will be more cost effective now and in the future.A winning international product
Farho electrical radiators are best in their class. With a combination of high spec materials and clever engineering you get high performance and reliable heating all at the right cost.
Safety first
Safety is important so Farho electric radiators have features such as a temperature limit and a keypad lock. The product shape is designed with soft edges. So rest easy if young children are running about or if your property is let. The radiators are maintenance free so save money on the annual service bills.
Easy quick low cost installation
With no pipe work, the time and cost to install a central heating system is radically reduced. This opens up a new freedom for architects and home builders. Farho electric radiators are ideal for points in the property where pipes are difficult to install.