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Panel Heaters


Our range of Panel Heaters are highly efficient, delivering instant warmth directly at the point of use. Features of Panel Heaters include Instant Heat: When you switch on a panel heater, it starts working immediately, heating the immediate area. Unlike radiators, which take time to warm up, panel heaters provide quick and targeted warmth.

Slim and Stylish: Our selection of Panel heaters have a sleek and slimline design, making them a space-saving heating option. They are wall-mounted and take up less space, allowing you more room for interior design.

Silent Operation: Unlike fan heaters, electric wall heaters are virtually silent. You won’t experience any noise disruption when you switch them on.

Control Features: Many panel heaters come with features like timers and pre-set programs, giving you complete control over how and when you use them.

You can choose between wall-mounted panel heaters or freestanding ones. Freestanding electric panel heaters are portable and can be placed wherever you need instant heat.