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Click Definity Complete Screwless Flat Plate Wiring Accessories

20th February 2024 Edward Screwless Flat Plate

Click Definity Complete Screwless Flat Plate Wiring Accessories: A Modern Solution for Your Electrical Needs


In the ever-evolving world of electrical accessories, innovation and aesthetics go hand in hand. Click Definity Complete is a game-changer in this space, offering a seamless blend of functionality, style, and ease of installation. In this blog, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and design options of this remarkable product range.

The Definity Difference

Definity Complete is an evolution of Scolmore’s well-established Define flat plate accessory range. It retains all the attributes that professionals appreciate, such as modular switching, but takes it a step further by eliminating visible fixing screws. The result? A sleek, modern look that enhances any interior.

Key Features

Screwless Face Plates: Definity incorporates screwless, push-fit face plates in eight assorted finishes. These finishes include:

Modular Design: All Definity switch plates are modular by default. This means you can create virtually any switch plate configuration you require. The MiniGrid® modules are easily exchanged or mounted onto unfurnished plates using a simple single screw fixing.

About the Click Definity Complete range.

Embracing feedback from the contractors is what drives product development to the Scolmore Group. In response to the latest feedback Click Scolmore has taken its popular Definity screwless wiring accessories range and simplified the ordering process.

Up until now, Click Scolmore's popular Definity screwless wiring accessories range has been supplied as two separate elements – insert and cover plate – with each requiring its own separate product code. In a move to simplify the ordering process for customers – particularly with online ordering in mind – Definity inserts and cover plates will now be supplied and packaged together as one unit with one product code.

Definity has evolved from Scolmore’s well-established Define flat plate accessory range and features all of the same attributes including modular switching but without the visible fixing screws. Definity goes one stage further by incorporating screwless, push-fit face plates in a range of finishes. Because the face plates are supplied independently of the electrical inserts it means that the initial installation of the product can be carried out and any subsequent maintenance or decoration completed before the final fixing of the face plate.


Click Definity Complete is more than just a wiring accessory; it’s a statement of sophistication and practicality. With its screwless design, modular options, and elegant finishes, Definity Complete elevates your electrical installations to a new level. Next time you’re planning a project, consider the Definity difference – where form meets function effortlessly.

Remember, with Definity Complete, your wiring accessories don’t just work; they make a lasting impression.

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