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Spike, Ground & Deck Lights


Spike, ground, and deck lights are specialized forms of outdoor lighting that cater to different needs and preferences for illuminating exterior spaces. Spike lights are outdoor fixtures designed to be easily inserted into the ground with a spike. They’re often used to light up pathways, gardens, and landscapes. Their flexibility allows for easy repositioning to suit changing lighting needs or preferences. Ground lights are installed flush with the ground level and are typically used to illuminate walkways or as up-lighting for trees and buildings. They provide a discreet lighting solution that blends seamlessly with the outdoor environment. Deck lights are integrated into decking areas to offer safety by marking out edges and steps. They also add an aesthetic quality to outdoor decking, creating an inviting atmosphere for evening gatherings. Each type of light serves a unique purpose and can be chosen based on the specific requirements of the outdoor area they are intended to illuminate. Explore our selection of spike, ground, and deck lights today.